The main aim of CARS Center is to encourage multidisciplinary research, training and technology transfer activities related to automotive engineering and intelligent transport systems.

The complexity of the related topics and the rapid evolution of the technologies involved require the convergence of the skills acquired in different disciplines, involving necessarily different areas in Politecnico di Torino. In this context, the CARS Center aims to be an environment in which the various skills can be integrated to carry out multidisciplinary research and training activities, open to technology transfer, through the use of equipment and test benches to test the vehicle at the system level.

The strengths of the Center reside in its positioning within Politecnico di Torino, an university whose leadership is internationally recognized, in a territory with a strong industrial vocation that has been the cradle of the national automotive industry.

 The Center focuses on research and development of the following areas:

Green Vehicles, with focus on propulsion systems powered by alternative fuels, electric and hybrid systems, zero emission vehicles. A fundamental aspect to consider is the integration and energy management of the various subsystems.

Feasibility and competitiveness, with a view to the ever-increasing efficiency of production systems and the implementation of new production technologies.

Safe and integrated mobility, with a focus on connected vehicles and technological advancements on autonomous vehicles. A crucial aspect is the development of preventive safety systems, to be combined with existing and future active and passive safety systems.

Logistics and urban mobility, with the aim of managing flows of people and goods in an integrated manner to improve the usability of services and the quality of life in metropolitan areas.

Sharing Mobility, with focus on monitoring and analysis of current and potential trends, integration in traffic monitoring systems, and EVs introduction in the urban systems.


CARS Manifesto application/pdf (1.32 MB)